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MIZIUM Sprout Lab



Through design collaboration with AmorePacific R&D Center
“MIZIUM Sprout Lab” operated in the form of a remote research lab in Amore Seongsu

AmorePacific R&D Center, 'MIZIUM’, calls products that are in various pre-launch test stages before they are released as Seed products.


In Season 2 of the Sprout Lab, following Season 1, it was held in the form of a pop-up store so that Seed products could be developed as  Sprout products that sprout through a test process by meeting with actual customers outside the research center fence.

The ‘Garden Lounge’ in March was designed and displayed so that the customers could feel the atmosphere of the plant display (Terarium) and the actual lab to tell the story of the MIZIUM Sprout Lab with the scenery without sprouts.

Kim Minjoo

Project Director


Kim Minjoo

Song Doha

220518_상세페이지 디자인(포함)-08.png

A new sprout research center pop-up store was held in Amore Seongsu 'Garden Lounge’.

In this pop-up store, we planned the entire display, including the photo zone display

so that the customers could easily access the Seed products and participate in the mission in consideration of the movement path, and to induce virality through social media.

220518_상세페이지 디자인(포함)-07.png


220518_상세페이지 디자인(포함)-10.jpg
220518_상세페이지 디자인(포함)-28_edited.jpg

Utilizing the garden lounge space and make use of the nature (sprout) and the atmosphere of the lab,

design work was carried out to show the identity of "MIZIUM Sprout Lab"

220518_상세페이지 디자인(포함)-12.jpg




If the entire concept of the sprout lab was delivered in season 1, the main color was used to draw attention in season 2, and the catchphrase

"MAKE TOGETHER" was exposed repeatedly in the space so that the identity of the Sprout Lab can be exposed naturally.

Display Sketch

220518_상세페이지 디자인(포함)-23.png


220518_상세페이지 디자인(포함)-25.png
220518_상세페이지 디자인(포함)-24.png
220518_상세페이지 디자인(포함)-26.png

Created stories and designs to deliver the meaning of

“MIZIUM Sprout Lab” directly or indirectly through the video

220518_상세페이지 디자인(포함)-27.png

Story Board (Conti)

From the research phase to the launch of product, many sprout products

in the research center are tested in various ways and reflected the customers’ feedback. After producing a rolling that conveys the meaning of growing into a commercially available product, we played together when we proceeded with the Sprout Lab.

“MIZIUM Sprout Lab”

“MIZIUM Sprout Lab”, a remote laboratory of AmorePacific MIZIUM,

was operated for 6 days from March 1 to 6, 2022, at Amore Seongsu.

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