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Buyrus Design is a convergence design consulting company that
aims to create new value through collaboration between various areas. 
Buyrus Design creates new value through convergence between design and other areas where a researcher looking for insights through consumer understanding and designers presenting specific solutions for the insights meet.

Design Consulting

We provide comprehensive design consulting from consumer research to design development, verification, and CMF strategies through its own integrated design process for successful product development.


With a deep understanding of the consumers, we study their behavior and inner needs and define functional specifications required and other requirements.

Planning & Strategy

We provide practical ideas and conceptual strategies that make our customer’ s business successful based on actual data acquired from advanced user research experiences.

Product /
visual design

Based on ergonomic design utilizing our own minimum visible protocol (MVP), it implements a product design that is easy for anyone to use and provides a wide range of solutions including visual communication.

Brand building

From product planning to design, mass production, distribution, and sales, we have our own product development experience and brand, so we can proceed with all the processes necessary for product development.

Contents creation

Based on our professional consumer research experience, we detect new trends and provide insightful contents.

We believe that being together makes us stronger.


Experts from various fields such as UX design, marketing research, product design, and visual design work together.


We provide convergence insights that reflect different perspectives of experts in each field based on user understanding.


Through constant learning and research, we propose in-depth and meaningful solutions.


Being Inspire and challenge our clients to stay at the top of the industry in design, technology,

and innovation.

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