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Buyrus Design team

UX Lab

With a deep understanding of the market and users, we provide reliable analysis results with insights using the most appropriate quantitative and qualitative research methodologies considering the characteristics of the project, such as ethnography, acceptance test, usability test, expert interviews, and trend research.

Design Team

We bring out creative, aesthetic, and practical design outputs through idea generation.

From rough design sketches to real-life working mockups, we make a high-quality product visually implementing even small details.

The UX Lab and the Design Team share a single goal for the success of the project,
think about the project outputs together, and maximize synergy to achieve results beyond simple collaboration.


Integrated Design Process

We flexibly handle all projects by establishing our own design process through study on design thinking and the overall process and review on internal competency.


Deepdive Understanding

Deep Understanding

After understanding the overview of a project and identifying the objectives, we conduct various types of research to bring out the results with in-depth insights by understanding the targets from market research to consumer experience.

Ethnography / Nethonography / U&A Survey / Focus Group Interveiw / Expert Interview / Home Use Test ...

At this stage, the UX Lab leads consumer research.


Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

We define UX concepts and establish design strategies by deriving fact-based insights and ideas based on data obtained from the research.

Roadmap / Concept Matrix / User Journey Map / Affinity Diagram / Flow Chart / Function & Structure Diagram...

At this stage, the UX Lab proceeds with the analysis.


MVPMinimum Viable Proto-

Minimum Viable Product

We validate ideas quickly with MVP work, a prototype that can function at a minimum, implementing a robust and efficient design.

Design Sketch / Paper Prototyping / Clay Modeling …

At this stage, the Design Team proceeds with the validation.


Design Shaping Up

Design Intensified

Utilizing various modeling methods that visually embody ideas through MVP, we refine them into a completed design.

Rendering/3D Modeling...

At this stage, the Design Team proceeds with the validation.




We derive improvements validating design acceptability, product usability, etc. through user evaluation on design prototypes and bring out satisfactory results through supplementary work to improve design completeness.

Working Mock-up / Usability Test / Quanititative & Qualitative Test ...

At this stage, the UX Lab carries out design validation, and the Design Team improves design quality.

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