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Wireless Crutches

for H-Mex


Hyundai Motors

Wireless Crutch of wearable walking robot
that assists paraplegic patients to stand and walk independently

What kind of dreams do you have in your heart? Some people answer this question by saying that walking on two feet.

In 2017, Hyundai Motor Company announced a wearable walking robot that assists paraplegic patients to stand and walk independently through CES 2017.

Project Director

Lee Jaeyoung

Product Design

Kim Sangil

Lee Sangmin

Ha Jaekang

UX Design

Lee Ara

Kim Hyewon

Research &

Usability Test

Kim Mirim

Jun Hyunjung

Park Jongwon

Buyrus Design was commissioned by Hyundai Motor Company and has developed a new design and operation method UX for wireless crutch,

which allows users to control the robot after wearing it.

In order to derive UX and HMI strategies, we conducted user observation research with the existing wireless clutch

along with analysis of competitors.

User observation research was conducted in the form of Usability Test to discover improvements to existing products but was conducted in a hybrid format to create a completely new product.

The approach was defined by analyzing the issues derived from usability test and the factors users want for a completely new wireless crutch.

Product design team and UX Lab collaborated on hardware design and software UX design.

Product design team had to make the grip comfortable and fit the control panel inside the grip at the same time, so they repeated MVP production and testing several times, and the UX Lab designed functions, control methods, and convenience functions based on user requirements.

In order to explore the optimal grip and button position, we continuously conducted self-testing through clay mock-ups and 3D printing mock-ups to track the optimal grip and button location. Acceptance verification was evaluated to select the optimal type before selecting the final proposal.

The final wireless crutch selected in 2017 has been constantly repeating user verification research and improvements, going back and forth between Korea and North America until now.

We will continue to make continuous research efforts with Hyundai Motor Company and strive for the day when paraplegic patients can walk freely.

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