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Our design makes a beautiful but comfortable design by considering ergonomic elements in every process from start to finish.

Our customers experience design aims to improve their lives through the process of deeply understanding customers.

Our UX/CX studies build strategies for the successful business through the process of collecting and analyzing thousands of data.

Market and user understanding and analysis

through various marketing research tools.
Identify relevant markets and

Perform multi-dimensional analysis.

Concept development and UX design

Collected using research and UX analysis techniques
quality insights based on data

Production  for research.

Idea evaluation and validation

with ideas derived from research

to create better products and services

​We conduct thorough evaluation and verification.

​Key Survey Methodology

​desk research

Desk Research

Along with analysis of relevant market conditions and competitor products​ ​related literature such as expected consumer lifestyle, consumption propensity, etc. Collect and organize issues

consumer interview

Consumer Interview

​Interviews are conducted to understand consumers’ opinions and needs regarding products, concepts, and issues.

home visit interview

Home Visiting Interview

Visit the home where the user lives and explore the product usage environment

In-depth interviews on related consumer preferences and values

expert interview

Expert Interview

with expert knowledge and experience

Deep dive into technology, markets and consumersInterviews are conducted to understand

​Creative Workshop

Creative Workshop

​Based on the results of previous consumer survey analysis, more sophisticated items were derived and existing ideas were improved.

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