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Lifewear Helmet


GODO Co., Ltd.

Lifewear Helmet available whenever you need it

'Electric kickboards' running through the city are often seen these days.

Personal Mobility¹, which has recently attracted attention as the next generation of vehicles, is growing through the spread of shared services².

According to the Korea Smart E-Mobility Association, the sales of Personal Mobility last year amounted to a total of 145,000 units.

Currently, electric kickboards are defined as 'vehicles' equipped with a motor powered by electricity, and under the Road Traffic Act, a person with a motorized bicycle license can only drive on the road.

The problem is that there are growing concerns about electric kickboard safety accidents. According to the National Police Agency statistics, Personal Mobility traffic accidents increased 1.9 times from which 117 in 2017 to 225 in 2018, and the number of accident casualties also increased significantly from 128 to 242. The supply of electric kickboards and the increase in users are leading to an increase in accidents.


[1]Electric wheels, electric kickboards, electric bicycles, and micro electric vehicles are included as means of transportation for one person powered by electricity.

[2]Electric kickboard sharing service applications such as kickgoing, lime, etc.

Project Director

Park Gwanwoo


Ha Jaekang

Chung Gyuwoong

Kim Minchul


Kim Mirim

Lee Ara

Personal Mobility

Traffic accident status

PM Accident Status

Unit: cases

PM Accident Casualty

Unit: cases

​Data source: National Police Agency

The most basic way for safe driving is wearing a helmet.

Imagine a motorcyclist riding without a helmet. Most people would feel that they are insecure. However, in the case of Personal Mobility, including electric kickboards, people wearing helmets are rarely noticed.


In 2019, Buyrus Design started a project with Godo Co., Ltd. to contribute to the popularization of “helmets” in everyday life that are not familiar yet.

This project was carried out with the goal of developing a safe, lightweight, compact and portable 『Lifewear Helmet』.

material search
Folding method study
safety certification

First of all, we explored competitor trends and benchmarking points through desk research, studied appropriate materials and folding methods, and reviewed the requirements for safety certification.

Through internal research, the design direction was set as follows.






​Minimal 2D form maximizing efficient material utilization and

Design for compact storage

For protection of the occipital region and skull

​helmet structural design

Sporty lines and modern colors

Even in everyday life in combination

applicable without difficulty

Athleisure look design






user's comfortable fit

without compromising

protection against impact

​material application

For all head sizes

Anyone can wear it regardless

One-Size Helmet

With the aim of this direction, the design was developed by repeating the development process of exploring and improving shapes and structures through MVP techniques.

In the beginning, ideation work was conducted to explore the shape and structure of the helmet using paper and foam, and in the second half, reviewing the details and improvement work were carried out through

1:1 scale mock-up.

The final product is designed for compact storage in a minimal 2D form that maximizes efficient material utilization, and it is designed to protect the larynx and skull in consideration of safety.


using paper and foam

​Searching for helmet shape and structure

Selected form and structure improvement and

​idea deepening

Through 1:1 scale mock-up

Through design proposal and verification

​Proportion, detail review and improvement

Through 2D line improvement

​Feeling improvement and material application sample

moment of need

​Available anytime

life wear helmet


Anyone of all ages, regardless of head size, this helmet is made of a material that can be worn comfortably while protecting against shocks. With the sporty lines and modern black and white combination, it emphasizes activity as an athlete look that can be applied in everyday life.

After deriving the final design, samples for the design were made,

and various package designs that matched the final design were also proposed.

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