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Showcase Design


Inventage Lab

Manufacturing equipment that can produce lipid nanoparticles (LNP) of uniform size We designed a backboard to be used in a showcase to present and demonstrate HANDYGENE GMP. The backboard material used was a honeycomb structure board, making it easy to store and carry even after the event.

Kim Sangil

Project Director


Kim Minjoo

Song Doha

Lee Choonghyeon

In an open space, the side boards on both sides were tilted at a diagonal angle looking inward instead of standing side by side so that the eye would first go to the main product located in the center of the backboard.

On both sideboards, the features of HANDYGENE products of the same series were placed and emphasized so that they were most visible.

The main product to be placed on the table, the explanatory text on the backboard, and the main technology images were designed to be read naturally in the direction of the viewer's gaze. Additionally, a key message was added to the side of the backboard to enhance the overall completeness.

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