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The First Bag
for my kids



The first bag for our precious child

DYOI is a baby bag brand made by a mother who majored in psychology,

and it has the motto of "The first bag" made by a mother.

This project was carried out under the goal of discovering the core brand identity and increasing the product lineup to match that identity.

Based on DYOI's marketing direction and user survey results targeting mothers, we have established brand identity as "a professional brand

that understands and studies the developmental characteristics of my child" and "minimal design that considers both mother and child's design preferences".

Project Director

Park Gwanwoo

Research &

Product Planning

Kim Mirim

Jun Hyunjung

Who is DYOI?


​bag specialty brand

What does DYOI do?

children'sin the process of development


produce and sell bags

How does DYOI work?

Not just a pretty design

study the developmental characteristics of children

reflectedFunctional product proposal

With all product safety certifications

non-toxicmaterial use of

with a simple design

Anyone (mother-child),


​Easy to coordinate design

How does DYOI work?

with a firm philosophy

raising a child

mom made

one person business

What success does DYOI want?

child's major growth development

Necessary for each step​

Specialized in premium baby bags

​Positioning as a brand

“A horizontal bag is convenient for organizing or looking for things at a glance.
I think it's good for lower graders to use.”
“I have a lot of notebooks and small belongings, but there is only one separate pocket, so
It’s always mixed up in the bag.”
“My child puts his shoe pocket in his school bag and carries it around.”
“A water bottle pocket is absolutely essential”

As DYOI's existing product started with the mother's small idea of "How about incorporating a portable booster that has always been a burden to mothers into their favorite bags", we conducted a user survey of parents in the lower grades of elementary school to develop a "first school bag".

As a result, reflecting the characteristics of the lower grades of elementary school, the concept of "Hands Free Design" optimized for organizing, such as "inner bag that helps children organize themselves" and "detachable slippers bag that free their hands".

됴이_제품 아이덴티티_v3.0-1.png

In addition, to expand the lineup, a popularized version of the existing DYOI product and a new advanced version have been developed.

The popular version offers a light weight and various colors tailored to European sensibility, and the advanced version is made with a concept that emphasizes a luxurious design.


A design concept was derived through workshops by internal researchers and designers. In consideration of production and sales, matching was carried out by exploring materials and subsidiary materials that are suitable for the design concept and can be KC certified for children's bags.

idea sketch and

​Derivation of design concept for each lineup

For actual scale check 

Paper and artificial leather

​prototype production

Baby bag KC certification

Exploring possible materials and ​ subsidiary materials

fit the design concept

By selecting the final material

matching work

The final design was derived through several sample work and design modifications.


The concept derived in this way has been commercialized, participated in Maison & Objet, the largest international living fair in Europe, and received positive responses from buyers. It is currently being sold at Shinsegae Department Store Gangnam branch and Hyundai Department Store Pangyo branch, including DYOI website.

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