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Cutting board sterilization block, shoe sterilizer



Smart sterilizer that blocks germs in daily life
[Cutting board sterilization block 3.0] [Shoe sterilizer 1.0]

As a product of Hanssem’s hygiene home appliance, it is a strong sterilization product that removes 99.9% of harmful bacteria by using a combination of various sterilization methods such as UVC LED, drying, and deodorizing cloth.

We wanted to show a sensuous minimal design, such as an interior object that can harmonize with any environment.

Not only product and package designs, but also planning, production, assembly, and logistics, we carried out all the processes from product production to delivery to consumers.

Lee Sangmin

Packaging Design

Song Doha

Kim Minjoo

Park Gwanwoo

Project Director


Kim Sangil





Idea Sketch

Design Refinement


It is designed to be a sensuous object that

harmonizes with the surrounding environment,

and its differentiated usability allows internal cleaning after separation, which was not possible with conventional cutting board sterilizers.

Hanssem Talk Talk | Cutting Board Sterilization Block 3.0


Through several sample works and modifications,

a total of three TPU cutting board colors were derived,

and the current cutting board color came out.

Hanssem Talk Talk | Shoe Sterilizer 1.0

신발 이미지-16.jpg
신발 이미지-17.jpg

We adopted a minimal size and wireless charging method so that it can be easily used in any shoe, and it has enough battery capacity to be used multiple times during travel after buffering.


It has a strong sterilization power to remove athlete's foot bacteria through a combination of sterilization using UVC LED, drying, and sterilization deodorizing cloth. In addition, clear indicating lighting was used for the safety of use.

Cutting board sterilization block,

shoe sterilizer

Hanssem’s cutting board sterilization block and shoe sterilizer are designed for modern people who want home styling such as minimal, mid-central modern, and simple life.

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