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230209_상세페이지 디자인(포함)-03.png

Panel recruiting event for AP Customer Research Center(head office)



The customer research panel recruitment conducted by AmorePacific headquarters was designed to allow the existing items to be used again even if the location is changed as it had to be changed on weekdays and weekends due to the nature of the event and designed considering  mobility.


For the overall design work and production, we used the existing furniture in the headquarters as an eye-catching point.

Able to pre-use and evaluate new products prior to launch,
I am the AP Customer Research Panel!

Project Director

Kim Minjoo

Song Doha

Kim Minjoo



230209_상세페이지 디자인(포함).png
230209_상세페이지 디자인(포함)-12.png


Based on the main display configuration,

we designed and produced display items so that

you can freely move the arrangement of items according to the event's movement.

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