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BUYRUS DESIGN is a global design consultant.

Buyrus Design, the industrial design consultant, specializes in product/ UX design,
concept development, research service, production and sale of private label products.

With the aim of creating new value by fusing design and other areas, we strive to create our own integrated design consulting service through the process combined with design and research.


Integrated Design Process

BUYRUSDESIGN has researched and reviewed about design thinking and process to establish our own design process to flexibly deal with projects. Never ends up in simple visual works, contributes to the success of our clients through reliable design.

Product Development Process

BUYRUSDESIGN takes priority of product’s concept and design while designing. We have Quick Visualization instrument can check design idea and check its performance to evaluate. Moreover, through Working Prototype which consider hardware design can carry out various verification in a short period.


Convergence Ecology

The talented people from various fields work on the project.

Professional Experience

Organized by people experienced in outsourcing service.

Human Centered Design

We pursue true beauty based on understanding of users.

The Best Collaboration System

To get the best results, we work with best professionals.

Continuous Development

We strive for continuous growth and development through keep researching and learning.