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The air capsule is subsequent design of AirvitaQ

The air capsule has begun with the aim of appealing technological evolution and maximizing functionality and

usability by reflecting the consumer’s needs with years of experience. 

Considering the usage environment, it is designed based on a cylindrical shape that can minimize interference

from other plugs even when the plug is used in an outlet such as a multi-tap.
The upper capsule-type detachable filter is also designed to enhance the grip and makes it easier to remove the filter.


In addition, the ion outlet is designed to protrude and concentrate on the front surface, which is advantageous

for maintenance such as cleaning and drying, thereby maximizing the efficiency of the air purifier functionally.


The air capsule has been designed with a focus on the technological evolution of the Airvita in terms of CMF,

while taking identity of Airvita.