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SONATA Chaka-Chaka Playground 


Chaka-Chaka Playground is an experiential space even where children with visual impairments are able to drive,
and it is a project that was carried out with Hyundai Motors in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Sonata.

We have developed the UX concept through research methods and designed the automobile interface
by using auditory and tactile signals.

The project was done using a variety of new methods as it was a project that needed many challenges
to create an interface that was not in the world yet.

One of the most creative methods was to create a virtual simulation.

The virtual simulation was to verify that there was no problem when children actually used the interface designed
to communicate the road situation to the driver with auditory and tactile signals

 These various tests have allowed us to create a current interface that is able to be operated without visual information.